Before the
freeze and the
warming and the sailing and
exploring and marching
and the camps and the
conquering and
the burning and the
fighting and the claiming and
the rounding up and the
taking and wasting
and misplacing and the
assassination, indoctrination,
annihilation and
the bombing and the
theories and the stripping and
pumping and spilling and
polluting and the dust and the
the floods and the fires
and the earthquakes and waves
and the leaks and reforms
and repeals and
the ratings and the
commentary and the slogans and
the cute messages and the
the panels and the
shouting and aligning and
misguiding and the
keeping apart and not telling
and the left out and
the far right and the sickness
in our middles and the
turning away and the
pointing and the landmines
and all the others and the
not me and
the falling out of the sky and the

We used to
take care of each other.


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