To you,
they are black t-shirts.

Who could ever need so many?

To me they are:
late on Monday and
first-time client and
ignore this bad hair day and
celebrate because day and
casual day and
not my birthday and
the bosses birthday and
bring your daughter to work day and
not every day and
no daycare today and
last weekend and
lost weekends and
just back from Mardi Gras and
family vacation and
in need of time off day and
the middle of Wednesday and
work-in-a-workout and
in-between seasons and should maybe have
just called in sick day and
hooray for the team day and
it’s raining again day and
we can pretend, but it’s still
not quite payday and if

time, being time,
forget this kiss,

then yes.

On that day, they will seem
like a stack of black t-shirts,
plus one.

Who could ever need so many?


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