Jim’s Gallery


By redrivergirl

easy open may not be so easy
moon. inspector 526
should try opening you.

(is that you, Jim?)
(masquerading as some kinda inspector again?)

Inspector Jim


By redrivergirl

could you please just stop honkin the horn
moon? and shut off the burglar alarm.
Jim didn’t see the sign
(he’s just learnin to fly)
and frank(ly) the dog means no harm.


By redrivergirl

give peace a chance
moon. and poppies too.
and stardust.
and guava.
and tic-tac-toe.


By redrivergirl

we’re all here in fine form
for your grad party
moon. it’d be silly to hold
our applause for you.

(Jane‘ll probably cry)
(Jim‘s just glad he squeaked by)


By redrivergirl

deep-fry you right up
at the street fair
moon. serve you hot. on a stick.
(at Jim‘s Sizzlin Space booth)


By redrivergirl

chase you around like a kick ball
moon. play half a game. or maybe two.
round out the bases that we coulda won.

(if Jim woulda tied his shoes…)


By redrivergirl

research uncovered complexity
moon. next time we’ll go under
cover with you.


By redrivergirl

they’re makin ‘em leave Mountain Time
moon. sayin it’s long overdue.
they may change to Central,
but Jim says
be careful…
surmounting a mountain takes courage.
(and skill)


By redrivergirl

boas and sequins and top hats
moon. and one guy in shorts
who was not in the crew…


By redrivergirl

there’s plenty of room in the Bonneville
moon. next to Santa suits,
reindeer bells, black boots
…and gin?


by redrivergirl

the shoes look just great
with your birthday suit moon.
(might wanna get a new birthday suit)


by redrivergirl


Some days…

I’d like
to pack the things that
matter most
in one
small bag and find
a bike
and ride.




by redrivergirl



nothin but seat belts and smiles
moon. they looked twice
at the drive thru…

(but Jim got us some food)



by redrivergirl

Jim knows a thing about packages
moon. this one may be small
but it’s perfect
(for you)

(Frank thinks so too)


Visit Frank’s Gallery (grab a bone)→

See Jane’s too (bring a shoe)→

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